If you'd like to join our Association it's just $10 per year, per family. You do not need to know how to drive or even own a horse!  You just need to enjoy equines of all shapes and sizes and the fellowship of a wonderful group of people.

So if you'd like to come play with a group of folks and their critters just complete our Membership Form and mail it to our Treasurer.

We hope to see you soon!

Our Association meets quarterly, dates and locations are listed on the Schedule Of Events page as NMDH&MA.  Meeting minutes will also be posted on this web site.  Our Officers serve a two year term.  The 2014/2015 officers are:

Susan Zenker         231-930-7216
4700 Wallaker Rd         susankzenker@gmail.com
Benzonia MI 49616

Vice President:
Nancy Wieland       231-409-1458
1345 Coyote Crossing          nahampel@acegroup.cc
Traverse City MI 49696

Terry Timmermans        231-715-8744
2817 Emerald Bluffs Dr tcangels5@yahoo.com
Traverse City MI 549684

Katie Ruppert 231-768-4418
148464 - 190th Ave                      fruppert@netonecom.net
LeRoy MI 49655

Driving School:
Dan Hubbell    231-947-5600
400 E. 8th Street    dan@hubbelllawoffice.com
Traverse City  MI 49686

Contact Information:
Nancy Wieland
1345 Coyote Crossing
Traverse City MI 49696
Phone: (231) 369-3760